Welcome to Walton Parish Council

Vacancy for a parish clerk 

Are you interested in becoming the new parish clerk for Walton Parish Council? If so, please click on the above link.

Two new parish councillors

We welcome two new parish councillors – Cllr David Taylor and Cllr Tanya Forret – and look forward to working with them.

Police Update

Free home security surveys on offer from the police. Horsewatch – a new scheme is launched. Click on the above link to find out more.

Annual Parish Meeting – Chairman’s Report

Click on the above link to see the Chairman’s Report from the Annual Parish Meeting.

Uncontested Notice – Walton

Cycle Track Update

Walton Parish Council uncontested elections in May. Please click on the above link to see the results.

The parish of Walton, whilst small, is a thriving close community. Steeped in history and in an area of natural beauty on the border of West and North Yorkshire, this is one of the county’s best kept secrets.


As a parish, Walton is resolute in preserving the community and its environment for residents and generations to come. In turn, Walton Parish Council has three clear aims:

–          Preserve        Preserve the community as well as the built & natural environment

–          Progress        Review and plan for the changing needs of Walton

–          Produce         deliver tangible improvements against a parish plan

Have your say…

As with any community, the more that are involved, the strong and faster our vision is achieved. Your council welcomes all feedback and involvement from Walton village. If you would like to discuss the current issues faced by the parish, raise a separate topic, or simply get a better understanding of what the Parish Council does, then you are welcome to attend any scheduled meeting or contact us via this website.

Don’t forget…

This website is updated on a regular basis. You can review minutes of Walton Parish Council meetings, review the Parish accounts or check the progress on outstanding issues affecting Walton or projects being addressed by the Council.

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