Walton Parish Council
February 6, 2018

Outline Planning Application for 119 houses – HCA land off Walton Road to the North of HMP Wealstun

Planning Application No 17/07970/OT/NE: Outline Planning Application for Residential Development with Community Facility

As many of you are aware an outline planning application has been lodged for the potential development of 119 houses on the former playing fields just to the north of HMP Wealstun.

The Parish Council have met with the HCA to express our concerns about the potential development and do feel for a number of reasons that it will be detrimental to the village and have a negative effect on our locality. This is also a view shared by Boston Spa Parish Council and Thorp Arch Parish Council.

The main reasons for concern are the potential increase in traffic congestion with few mitigating traffic solutions, the increased pressure on an already saturated infrastructure, especially in relation to drainage and no provision of additional primary school places for local residents.

If I may comment on each point in isolation:

  1. Congestion – 119 homes with possibly 2 cars per home will generate significant traffic at peak times. The only mitigation suggested is an extra lane at the roundabout at Wetherby on the far side of the A1 Bridge and an extra lane on Bridge Street in Boston Spa to alleviate traffic crossing the Wharfe at Boston Spa. There is nothing in relation to Rudgate or Street 5 – so we feel that Walton will receive the brunt of increased traffic. If congestion occurs on the main Walton Road, we fear a return of Rat Running through the village.
  2. Local Infrastructure – we all know the drainage in Walton is poor and additional housing will only place more pressure on this infrastructure – without commitment from the developers that significant structural improvements will occur to alleviate this issue. I fear any scheme will have an adverse effect on the village.
  3. Primary School – It has been a long tradition that children from Walton are educated at the superb Lady Hastings School at Thorp Arch, which currently is almost at full capacity. The provision of an additional 119 homes at this site will give any children on that site priority as they will be in closer proximity than those in Walton Village. The uncertainty around where future generations of our parishioners’ children will be educated is therefore of concern.


Finally, as a Parish Council we have two further points to raise. The first is one of timing and we question how we are expected to consider this application sensibly whilst the existing public enquiry into TATW is still outstanding. The context of this application has to be influenced by whether or not we have an additional 850 houses on the trading estate and if we do, whilst fully understanding the need for new housing have we not done our bit? Secondly, the HCA have offered as an incentive to influence the local community a new ‘Community Hall’ as part of the new development. As an ardent supporter of our Village Hall and knowing how hard some parishioners work to keep this excellent facility running, additional pressure from a direct competitor would again I feel have a negative effect on our village.

This is very important to the future development of Walton and I would ask you to direct your views and contributions to Leeds City Council, either in writing to Planning Services, Leonardo Building, 2 Rossington Street, Leeds LS2 8HD, or online using Public Access on LCC’s website at www.leeds.gov.uk/publicaccess. The deadline for public comments is 09.02.2018; however, Planning Services will endeavour to consider any public comments made and received up until the date of decision. The Parish Council will be submitting the strongest of objections in line with the comments above. We would ask you to take the opportunity to equally reflect your views.

David Aspland, Chair, Walton Parish Council

tags Tuesday, February 6th, 2018