So, the examiner has finally concluded her work in respect of the draft Neighbourhood Plan and her findings have been given consideration by Leeds City Council and ourselves.

We are now in the process of following through on the examiner’s judgements and amendments (the full examiner’s report is attached here). In parallel, as we, locally, work on the recommendations, LCC will carry out a final update with senior officials and with ward councillors.

Subject to those views, they will then announce the commitment for a referendum on the Plan. That referendum, all going well, looks likely to be towards the mid/late September and the outcome of it will decide on the acceptance of the Plan. The Walton Steering Group and Parish Council will amend the Plan in line with the examiner’s requirements and will look to be in a position to ensure that every household will receive a copy prior to the referendum – but more on that nearer the time.

The purpose of this note – simply to advise that progress continues and that you can now access the examiner’s report, should you wish to do so.

Brodie Clark, Steering Group.

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