This is just an update on the progress of the Neighbourhood Plan as it progresses through the Regulation 16 consultation and is now with the Examiner.

The purpose of the independent examination is simply to check that the content of the Plan is compliant and reasonable in terms of legislation, regulation and satisfactory consultation. So, the examiner has returned 14 questions on the Plan – some for Leeds City Council, some for Walton Parish Council. I have attached the list of those questions and the formulated reply – either a Walton Parish Council or a Leeds City Council reply.

We have worked closely with LCC and we both feel that the responses accurately reflect the Vision and Objectives that you want from the Plan and for the Community. So, it is for your information at this point. When we have the final agreement on the Plan, I will be in touch again to update on arrangements for the full Parish Referendum on the Plan.

Brodie Clark.

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