Dear Resident,

Thank you for exploring our website and for visiting this particular message about the progress of our Neighbourhood Plan. We are now entering the final consultation and scrutiny period with the Plan.

It has been a long process and we are really grateful that so many of you have maintained an interest – and have continued to feedback so constructively throughout the process.

This Regulation 16 consultation is conducted by Leeds City Council (LCC), though, clearly, we want to support them in every way possible. The consultation begins on 5th February and concludes on 19th March. During that time, you will see notices on lamp posts announcing the process and we will also pop something through letter boxes – inviting and advising on how to feed back to LCC and including an LCC Response Form.

You will be pleased to know that this will be the final piece of consultation and thereafter, the plan becomes the subject of an independent examination before it can qualify for the very final Parish referendum – a referendum for acceptance or rejection of the Plan. We estimate that the referendum will take place around late June/early July.

So, on this particular consultation process, LCC will consult various bodies and agencies and it also invites your comments, rightly, as an important piece of that consultation package. We would encourage you to respond to the LCC process if you possibly can. On this web site, you will find the Plan and the immediate Appendices to the Plan.

You will additionally find an Evidence File which contains masses of further information which has represented an important backcloth to the Plan. We hope you find that file particularly interesting. If you have any particular queries, please don’t hesitate to raise them through Walton Parish Council Clerk,

Leeds City Council will also be displaying the Plan and all related documents on their website and they will be pleased to receive your comments. Enjoy the read and I hope you recognise the Vision, Principles and Policies as those that matter to the community of Walton. It is the community views that have informed, shaped and created this Plan.

Best wishes Brodie Clark, Steering Group.

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